For LBA Urbanismo every town, city and territory has a unique identity forged by its geography, history and inhabitants’ activities. We offer solutions that are:
  • Feasible with the local skills and knowhow.
  • Attentive to citizens’ requests.
  • Designed to create synergies that facilitate development and maintenance.
  • Affordable for the public and private agents responsible for their execution.
  • Sustainable in terms of natural and cultural resources.
In our planning and design projects we use our own methodologies based on citizen participation and the multidisciplinary observation of the territory, which we adjust to the specific circumstances of every case.
This working method offers an integrated response to the needs and priorities established by the client, whom we accompany at every stage of the way, from the formulation of objectives to the physical execution of the project in situ.
From the very outset, our experienced management and team members are able to address the numerous factors involved in urban planning and intervention.