about us

LBA Urbanismo was established in 1992 as a consultancy specialising in zoning, urban planning and interventions in towns and cities.
LBA Urbanismo delivers the complete project cycle, defining objectives and strategies at the outset and then designing, managing and ultimately executing plans and urban projects. With years of experience behind us, we are able to offer integrated solutions that reconcile all the technical, financial and environmental aspects.
To date we have undertaken projects for both the private and public sectors, harnessing the knowledge acquired from the two types of initiatives to coordinate efforts and find solutions that satisfy both interests.
Our experience in the field encompasses every scale of urban planning and intervention. LBA Urbanismo has undertaken metropolitan and municipal planning projects for towns and cities of up to 800,000 inhabitants. We have designed the urban development aspects of residential areas comprising over 4,000 homes, and we have created zoning systems for tourist areas in excess of 400 hectares.
LBA Urbanismo also has experience in heritage protection, having undertaken planning projects in World Heritage towns and cities as well as protection and renovation projects for historic centres.
The consultancy is increasingly active in the international arena. Our particular focus is South America, where we have been involved in urban planning and zoning projects in Argentina, Mexico and Peru.